English إقفز إلى المحتوى اقفز الى روابط تهيئة طريقة العرض وحجم الخط

95 Blind Students at King Saud University Receive Advanced Equipment

Nattiq Technologies announced the completion of a project to deliver the latest technology for blind students at King Saud University in Riyadh, KSA. 95 Male and female students received the Braille Sense Plus, an all-in-one solution, with Braille and speech application capabilities which enable students to stay up with their studies in the university.

Through cooperation with HIMS, a leading developer of Adaptive Technology, Nattiq initiated an Arabic localization initiative which translated into the launch of the Braille Sense Plus being fully localized into Arabic. The device, which weighs 924 grams, provides blind users with endless applications and features including word processing, address book, calendar, Wireless network connectivity, clear MP3 recording, powerful media player, LCD display to communicate with sighted peers, VGA interface for visually presentations, scientific calculator, internet browsing, email access, MSN sign in and many other various features. With its built-in LCD display, sighted parents or teachers may share information with the blind users. Additional features include built in FM radio as well as external buttons to quickly launch audio and talking book files. The device sports an internal memory of 8GB as well as an SD memory slot and a USB port for additional memory capabilities. The device may interact with standard Nokia mobile phones where blind users may control their handsets from the Braille Sense Plus editing and reading SMS messages in Braille among other tasks.

University students find the Braille Sense Plus extremely useful in coping with their studies. They don’t have to carry many devices to accomplish different tasks as the Braille Sense Plus combines all the required features in one small and light device.

“ Our cooperation with HIMS is just starting, we look forward to launch other localization projects with this leading company for the benefit of blind users in the Middle East”, said Auda Hazeem, Nattiq’s CEO.

The King Saud project was accomplished through Nattiq’s Saudi dealer Albassam group. Technical support for students is available locally in Riyadh for both male and female students.