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Nattiq Technologies Supplies 108 Hal screen readers To Blind Saudis

Nattiq Technologies revealed today that it signed a contract with the Visual Impairment Association of Buraidah in Saudi Arabia to supply 108 blind Saudi citizens with Hal screen reader software. Hal enables blind users to access computers independently without any help from sighted individuals.

The Association secured the required funds from backers in Saudi Arabia. Al-Subaiei Foundation funded 58 units of Hal while Al-Jumaih Foundation funded the other 50 units. Last year the Association secured 50 Hal packages to some of its members which opened to them new horizons and empowered them through knowledge acquired by sharing information via email and the internet. It is estimated that there are approximately 140,000 blind people in Saudi Arabia most of which are hoping to gain independence in accessing information technology through programs like Hal screen reader. Nattiq Technologies continues to raise awareness about how Hal screen reader help visually impaired individuals gain privacy and independence in accessing standard computer systems by teaming up with charitable organizations such as the Association of Visual Impairment in Buraidah.

“We measure our success by the number of times in which we are able to put a Hal screen reader into the hands of blind persons in the Middle East”, said Auda Hazeem, Nattiq’s CEO. “This means that we have an opportunity in making them succeed in continuing an education or pursuing a career”, he added.

Initiatives to empower blind people in the Middle East continue to roll out throughout the region by providing them with Hal screen readers along with portable computers.