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Nattiq Technologies wins screen reader’s contract for blind students and teachers in Kuwait

Sharjah, UAE, 11 May 2008: Nattiq Technologies announced today the winning of a contract in Kuwait to supply Hal screen readers, HP lap tops, HP scanners, Arabic OCR and Microsoft bundled software. The equipment and programs are to be distributed among 152 blind students and teachers of the Ministry of Education. The contract was secured by Nattiq’s dealer in Kuwait Gezlan Group.

Hal screen reader enables students to access standard computer systems opening to them new horizons in their studies. They can access the Ministry’s curriculums as well as being able to browse the internet for school work and research. With Arabic OCR, students will be able to read printed materials such as text books. Nattiq delivered a one-week comprehensive training where teachers were prepared to train students on how to access the delivered equipment technology.

Hal screen reader continues to gain popularity among blind users in the Middle East due to its powerful features, fast development as well as its ability to access non-standard software such as Arabic encyclopedias. Hal enjoys a professional and timely technical support by Nattiq’s engineers in Nattiq’s headquarters in Sharjah as well as Nattiq’s champions found throughout the Middle East.

“Awareness is building up in our communities about the importance of adaptive technology in empowering blind students. Teachers and parents are witnessing greater achievements with school work by blind students due to their ability to access computers with Hal screen reader”, said Auda Hazeem, Nattiq’s CEO.

Several initiatives are in the process to be launched in the Middle East for the purpose of putting computers and Hal screen readers in the hands of blind people. Nattiq is expects to disclose other contracts in the making during the several next months.