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Blind Bahraini Students Obtain Lap tops and Hal Screen Reader Software

The move reflects increased awareness on how technology is narrowing the gap for Blind Students in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Sharja, UAE, 19 January 2008: Nattiq Technologies announced today the completion of a project initiated by the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. (GPIC). and the Ministry of Education in Bahrain to provide 17 blind Bahraini students with the required advanced technology to help them cope with their academic needs. Each of the 17 students obtained a lap top equipped with a package of Hal screen reader. Hal reads the computer’s display using a high quality synthetic speech. With Hal, blind students can access standard computer systems.

Blind students in Bahrain obtained the required computer training in the Saudi Bahraini Institute which utilizes Hal screen readers in its computer labs. Once graduated from the Institute, students get integrated in regular mainstream schools. With Hal and a lap top integration of blind students in mainstream schools proved to be very successful.

“We are seeing an increased awareness in Bahrain on the role of technology in integrating blind students in mainstream schools. Private and public organizations are coming together to facilitate such integration. Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. (GPIC) is practicing good corporate citizenship”, said Auda Hazeem, Nattiq Technologies CEO, “with their philanthropy more blind students in Bahrain are getting smoother integration in their favorite schools”, he added.

Hundreds of blind Bahrainis use Hal screen readers as well as other products from Nattiq to gain more privacy and independence in accessing standard information and communication technologies.


want to improve my reading

how can i download the trail version


Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately we don't have a demo version of Arabic Hal. We offered it in the past, but we were forced to pull it out due to software piracy activities. Sorry.