English إقفز إلى المحتوى اقفز الى روابط تهيئة طريقة العرض وحجم الخط

Hal and the Braille Wave Demonstrated in Saudi

Nattiq's Champion Mr. Nooh Alhadidi in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia will continue demonstrating the Braille Wave Braille display / noteTaker for all who are interested in such demonstrations.

The Braille Wave is completely localized into Arabic and can work as a stand-alone notetaker as well as a Braille display when connected to a PC with Hal. The Braille Wave features a concave Braille display which proved to be more precise in reading Braille as well as being healthier on the long run for heavy Braille users. Mr. Alhadidi can be reached at: 00966567879021.