English إقفز إلى المحتوى اقفز الى روابط تهيئة طريقة العرض وحجم الخط

Blind Kuwaitis Train on Hal Screen Reader

Nattiq Technologies delivered a one-week training on Hal screen reader in Kuwait. The training was requested and sponsored by The Kuwaiti Association for the Blind in Kuwait City. The Association selected a group of qualified members who had basic keyboard and computer knowledge to receive the training. The Association recently acquired a number of Hal Professional packages which were installed at its renovated computer lab.

The trainees gained key knowledge in accessing standard computers. The Assocaition requested another week of training before the end of the summer as other Association members are lining up to receive similar training.

In an effort to promote awareness about adaptive technology, Nattiq continues to deliver free training on Hal screen reader. For Associations interested in receiving free training for their members on Hal, please contact Nattiq at: info@nattiq.com