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Nattiq Trained Blind Omanies On Hal

With coordination with Alnoor Association for the Blind, Nattiq Technologies conducted a successful training course in Muscat, Oman which was attended by6 blind Omanies. The training lasted for 10 days and covered all of Hal’s features. The training was funded by the American Embassy in Oman as a part oftheir social responsibility program. A high-profile government representative attended the opening cermany. His Excellancy Salim Al Siyabi, Deputy Presidentof Majlis Al Shura inaugurated it.The event was covered comprehensively and on a daily basis by all Omani newspapers, television and radio stations. Oman FM radio through its Chat and Jamdaily show hosted Auda Hazeem, CEO of Nattiq Technologies, and Mohammed Ramadan, Training Engineer where they spoke about the significance of such trainingand how it will transform blind trainees’ lives. Oman Tribune wrote on its July 5th publication under the headline of “Willing and able”, “ Visually challengedstudents are entering the world of IT”. “ Nooh Al Hadidi is ecstatic about his new achievement: he has been able to open a Microsoft Word document. I alsowant to chat with other people and browse websites” wrote the paper quoting one of the trainees.Mrs. Barka Albakri, Vice President of Alnoor Association, spear headed this event. Her goal is to see blind Omanies obtain job opportunities in governmentand public organizations. “This IT training is aimed at making them independent”, she said.Nattiq Technologies has the goal of raising awareness on the available tools which help blind Arabs gain privacy and independence in using computer andcommunication technologies. This event boosts Nattiq’s efforts to achieve this goal.For more information, please contact us info@nattiq.com 


Right technology

Technology means , applicablity so nattiq does that
Kudos to you, A great venture.

Privacy and Independence

Nattiq strives to provide blind users with privacy and independence in using information and communication technologies.