CCTVs and Magnifiers

Nattiq offers Optelec's CCTVs and magnifiers to its clients.


Powerfull magnification at work, at school and on the moveThe Traveller+ is a full colour, all-in-one portable video magnifier with a 16 cm (6,4") screen. It is designed for use at work, in school at home, or on the move. The unique features of the Traveller+, like an integrated writing facility, a tilting screen and built-in batteries, provide those with low vision the possibility to see things more clearly, even if an external power source is not available. Simply position the Traveller+ over reading material (see adjacent picture), put the screen in your most convenient position and text and images will be displayed at a more comfortable size with a choice of different viewing modes. Linear stepless magnification for effortless readingThe stepless, linear zoom facility allows you to view images between 4 and 16 times magnification. The large 'plus' and 'minus' buttons of the Traveller+ allow you to take control and adjust the level of magnification that suits you, and you are not restricted to any preset zoom levels. NEW enhanced feature!Faster zooming facility means that the Traveller+ can be adjusted more quickly, making it possible to read more quickly and effortlessly. Three flexible viewing modes Viewing text and images is easy using the full colour mode. Also included are two high contrast text modes displaying either 'black text on a white background' or 'white text on a black background'. See more clearly whilst you are writing The powerful magnification of the Traveller+ can be used for writing as well as reading. By placing the Traveller+ in the writing or stand-up position (see adjacent picture), there is enough space underneath the camera for it to focus whilst you are writing. NEW feature!External lights provide a valuable source of light in dimly-lit working conditions. Use anytime, anywhere The Traveller+ has on-board batteries, with a life of 2.5 hours continuous use - this means it can be used free from mains power, and there is no need for an external battery pack. Traveller+ can be connected easily to a TV screen by means of the NTSC-cinch output connector. Also the Traveller+ can be connected to a laptop or computer screen by plugging in a cinche-vga converter.  Key benefits and specifications 

  • Powerful, stepless and continuous motorised zoom, from 4 to 16 times magnification
  • Continuous auto-focus allows you to read quickly
  • Built-in rollers slide the Traveller+ smoothly across your reading material
  • Integrated writing position facility - no need for a separate writing stand. Simply place the Traveller in the stand-up position.
  • Lightweight design including integrated batteries
  • Convenient carrycase provided
  • Option to connect to a domestic television set and benefit from a larger screen

SpecificationsMagnification 4 - 16 times. Smooth motorized linear magnification without steppingViewing modes  

  • Full colour 
  • high contrast positive
  • high contrast negative

Writing modeIntegral writing facility. No external frame requiredDimensions18 x 16 x 9.5 cm Weight850 grams including internal battery and writing facilityScreen6.4 inches (16,3 cm) Flicker-free TFTBattery life2.5 hrs Battery charge time3.5 hrs OtherCustom made carry bagOptionalThe Accessory Pack includes a TV-Video cable and an In-Car Charger