Hal Pen

Dolphin Pen - Dolphin Access software on a USB drive

What is Dolphin Pen?

The first Pen in the World that offers true freedom and independence. Take your favourite Dolphin Access software with you from PC to PC without having to install (available for Lunar, LunarPlus, Hal or Supernova).

Who uses Dolphin Pen?

The Dolphin Pen will benefit any visually impaired computer user that desires the flexibility to work on any standard PC. Useful for students and employees who use different desks.

Key Benefits:

  • Take magnification, speech and Braille with to any PC* you use without having to install software or carry CDs.
  • Easy to use and quick to setup, simply plug-in and go*.
  • Ultimate portability for users. The pen is a tiny, lightweight yet robust device that can fit in your pocket.
  • Allows access to any compatible computer. Users are no longer tied to dedicated computers (perfect for schools, libraries and universities).
  • Offers the same flexibility and independence available to other computer