Pocket Hal

Pocket Hal - Screen reader for Pocket PCs (PDAs). What is Pocket Hal?If you're regularly on the move and need to stay connected, the technology is already here in a portable format (a PDA) and Dolphin Pocket Hal can make it accessible.What is a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)?A PDA is a small hand held computer that runs a Windows Mobile Operating System. PDAs provide many of the capabilities of a standard desktop PC but in a portable and lightweight package.What does a PDA do?Like a PC a PDA allows you to use a wide range of applications. Windows mobile includes Internet Explorer, Outlook, messenger, Media Player, Word and Excel allowing to take notes, create documents and stay connected.How is a PDA made accessible?Like a PC the standard software resides in the PDA, but to access it you will need to add some accessories, such as a wireless keyboard and ear phones, possibly a portable Braille device and of course Dolphin Pocket Hal to make it talk. Pocket Hal supports input and output via a range of compatible Braille display devices.Why would you choose a PDA over a desk top or mobile phone?Mobility, a PDA will allow you to work on the move. PDAs also offer internet to go. Although mobile phones offer this, the reality is with a PDA that is Wi-Fi enabled you can surf at speeds that are 20 times faster than a normal GSM phone. These days you don't have to travel too far to find a Wi-Fi.Why would you choose an accessible PDA ahead of a proprietary Braille note taker?An accessible PDA is the future and it's future proof. Microsoft have a major stake in this market and all the big electronic hardware companies such as Hewlett Packard, Dell and Samsung are heavily invested; it is the next generation and it's here.Who uses Pocket Hal?Anyone who wants to work on the move and stay connected cheaply. People at work or college; people who travel regularly will all benefit from the latest PDA technology.Key Benefits: