Duxburry DBT (Arabic Version) Arabic Braille Tables Software

Duxbury Braille Tables (Arabic Version): Braille Translation software

DBT provides translation and formatting facilities to automate the process of conversion from regular print to braille (and vice versa), and also provides word-processing facilities for working directly in the braille as well as the print. "Fonts" are used for displaying the Braille.Suitable for translation irrespective of users’ knowledge of Braille.

Key Features:

1.      Built-in interline printing to have ink-Braille and print together. This makes an easy proofing and teaching tool. Great for the Braille-impaired too!
2.      Math/Science Code and Computer Braille translation for American, British, and French Braille.
3.      Intermediate levels (between grade 1 and 2) for American and British Braille
4.      The ability to include tactile graphics files for mixed text-and-graphic documents
5.      Imports from popular word processors including Microsoft Word and WordPerfect, HTML, ICADD, DAISY/NISO/NIMAS, formatted and plain ASCII, earlier Braille editors such as EDGAR and Polkadot, Duxbury's own historical file formats, and more.
6.      The current translation table menu includes dozens of major languages plus variations, including grade 2 support for most jurisdictions where grade 2 is customarily used. Moreover, DBT allows languages other than the principal language to be embedded in the same file and treated as appropriate for the context. (Contact us if you have questions about a specific language.) Now Braille for foreign-language texts and language teaching texts is a snap.
7.      Bidirectional (print-to-Braille and Braille-to-print) translation
8.      American textbook layout according to Braille Authority of North America (BANA) standards, and likewise the Braille Authority of the United Kingdom (BAUK) customs for the same purpose
9.      Accurate presentation of both print or Braille in either WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) or coded (how-you-get-what-you-want) views in the word-processing screen, with easy switching between views
10.  A "translated line" showing the "other" form in either print or Braille files
11.  Six-key chording for Braille and print entry, not timing-based, compatible with most keyboards
12.  Help screens throughout the program
13.  Over 100 formatting & translation codes for a high level of flexibility
14.  A library of user-configurable styles
15.  A user-extendable template library for even more flexibility
16.  A spell-checker with 300,000-word dictionary
17.  A "Quick Find Misspelling" feature for increased speed and ease of use
18.  Embossing to all major Braille printers; the first page may be a "banner" for job identification by personnel who don't read Braille
19.  The Duxbury Braille Font for viewing Braille dots within other programs
20.  Choice of single-user, site & other licenses
21.  Unlimited technical support by telephone, email, fax, etc.
22.  An Internet user forum to communicate with other Duxbury users


1.      Requires 50 megabytes of hard drive space after installation is complete
2.      Requires Microsoft Windows version 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7

Website: http://www.duxburysystems.com/dbt.asp?product=DBT